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Impelling Interior Design Trends for 2015

Give objects a cool, new lease of life and do your bit for the environment. Gupta feels that sustainability and the DIY trend will be trending in 2015
Give objects a cool, new lease of life and do your bit for the environment. Shabnam Gupta feels that sustainability and DIY projects will be trending in 2015

A new post is in order to welcome the New Year. If you have plans to give your home, office or personal space completely new look, this blog post might just be of help. I had interviewed Shabnam Gupta of the acclaimed The Orange Lane design studio for India Art n Design, an e-zine that celebrates creativity in all spheres of life, but mostly focussing on interior design and architecture. This story was a part of a bigger Trend Special that had professionals from the design world talk about upcoming trends from their respective fields.

Read on to learn more about some standout trends that took the design world by storm in 2014, and click here to read about the latest trends in design that you can expect to see in the year 2015. Continue reading “Impelling Interior Design Trends for 2015”

Time to get back to the blog

October was a busy month. I was sad to have left Ubud, but on returning to the fast, grimy city of Mumbai, it wasn’t so bad! I was excited and so motivated to dive right back into writing for magazines and digital publications. And, with it, came the deadlines that every writer is so familiar with. With no time to blog, I found myself thinking about A Delightful Space ever so often! I have so much to share about my trip to Ubud. So keep a look out for some travel posts in the near future. Until then, here’s a little something I had written for The Label, a lifestyle magazine produced by Louise Philippe.

The Get Together speaker by The House of Marley, a portable speaker for the eco-conscious audiophile

Portable speakers are all over the place right now. However, there are but a few portable audio devices that are actually worthy of your cochlea, and thereby, your money. Yes, the portable speaker scene stands on shaky ground. But like a handful of others, the Get Together speaker system from The House of Marley seems to be a pleaser in the cacophonous crowd.

Sustainably crafted
The House of Marley is an eco-conscious audio company that pairs sustainable design with functionality. Co-founded by Rohan Marley, son of the legendary reggae musician Bob Marley, this earth-friendly company is just one of the 40-something entrepreneur’s many green businesses inspired by his late father’s ideals.
The Get Together Bluetooth Audio System stays true to the House of Marley’s philosophy. It sports a sustainably sourced natural bamboo façade on the front and rear. The brand’s signature Rewind fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles, reclaimed hemp and organic cotton, forms the rugged fabric enclosure for the speaker’s bass-reflex. Continue reading “Time to get back to the blog”