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Of skyscrapers and sandcastles

A browse through Renzo Piano’s project list proves just how versatile an architect he is. From the Centre Georges Pompidou and the New York Times building, to the Shard in London, the Pritzker Prize-winnign architect continues to draw praise for his timeless architecture.

In an intriguing piece published on the Guardian a few days ago, the Italian architect says that has been making sandcastles for a long time. Building sandcastles reminds me of my childhood. But that’s not to say that you won’t find me building them any longer! I suggest you head over to The Guardian and give it a read because Piano has shared some tips on how to perfect your sandcastle.

Below, is a piece I had written for the Design special of Signé, a luxury lifestyle magazine published in Dubai. Click on the image to read the piece.
Renzo Piano