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Bombay Shirt Company and Payal Singhal collaborate on a shirt collection for women

Payal Singhal's Capsule collection of women's shirts for Bombay Shirt Company
Payal Singhal’s capsule collection of women’s shirts for Bombay Shirt Company

You most likely already know and love Bombay Shirt Company. Launched in 2012, the bespoke shirt company for men and women, based in Kala Godha, Mumbai, was just what the city had been lacking. Because something as simple as a well-fitted shirt ranks high when it comes to getting your look right. Bombay Shirt Company also got its packaging right, down to its labels, tags and delivery boxes, from the very beginning.

You just know you're in for an outstanding product when its design and packaging is as attractive as this!
You just know you’re in for an outstanding product when its design and packaging is so clean

While the Bombay Shirt Company had already been offering bespoke services for women, it has now diversified to offer ready-to-wear shirts for women. The store has collaborated with acclaimed fusion-wear designer Payal Singhal to launch a capsule collection of shirts, which include both wardrobe staples and standout pieces.

Women's capsule collection designed by Payal Singhal for Bombay Shirt Company
Women’s capsule collection designed by Payal Singhal for Bombay Shirt Company

The line includes 12 easy-to-wear long shirts, with a choice of rolled-up and long sleeved styles that are perfect for the summer months ahead. that blend the sensibilities of the Bombay Shirt Company with Singhal’s well-established aesthetics.

Comprising a delicate mix of pastels in both solids and prints, this capsule collection for women is further enhanced with thoughtful detailing on the buttons, plackets, collars and cuffs.

Bombay Shirt Company founder Akshay Narvekar and fashion designer Payal Singhal
Bombay Shirt Company founder Akshay Narvekar and fashion designer Payal Singhal

Speaking about this curiously cool collaboration, the Bombay Shirt Company’s founder Akshay Narvekar said, “The idea behind this initiative is to have various creative personalities display their unique take on fashion and styling. We are thrilled to present our women customers a chance to wear special pieces designed by Payal Singhal herself.”

We also love the fact that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this and all future collections will be donated to an NGO of the influencer’s choice. In this case, Payal has chosen  the Akanksha NGO, aimed at providing children from low-income backgrounds with high-quality education.

This is clearly just the first of many such collaborations that The Bombay Shirt Company plans to enter into with fashion designers.

Rustic charm: Birdsong Café

Wooden tables, vitrines, old chairs and retro 1970s plastic switches on teak wood bases—subtle but strong design elements
Wooden tables, vitrines, old chairs and retro 1970s plastic switches on teak wood bases—subtle but strong design elements

Samir Raut and Amit Mayekar of Studio Eight Twentythree design Birdsong Café in suburban Mumbai as a contextual response to the surrounding heritage precinct

Starting out by ensuring that the design speaks the same language as its historic neighbours, the material palette has been restricted to concrete and wood – the former, a not-so-modern material and the latter, a centuries-old one. For Samir, these materials with their enigmatic charm fascinate because of their ability to age elegantly, almost as if they are able to tell stories of the space as it ages along with them.

Head over to India Art n Design to read the entire piece, complete with gorgeous imagery of the equally gorgeous cafe.

The queen of diamonds: Varuna D Jani

Varuna D Jani at work

Bedazzling jewellery, a big heart and flamboyance best sum up the queen of diamonds, Varuna D Jani

Varuna D Jani’s life seems to have unfolded exactly as she might have envisioned it. Part of her life philosophy is the belief that every woman is born with a Midas touch that allows her to move mountains and to fly high. The Mumbai-based jewellery designer is, undoubtedly one of India’s best, having transformed what was once a passion into a career.

Jani, who was born into a family of jewellers of Popley Eternal Fame, remembers designing jewellery for fun when she was just eight. But it was only when she returned from Dubai in 2006 to take care of the family business that the Mumbai-based designer realised that jewellery was her passion. It was also around this time that she started to design her own line of wearable wedding jewellery based on the sheer lack of it at the time. Since then, there was no looking back.

Head over to India Art n Design to read about everything that this jewellery designer adores, from her style essentials to her style icons. Continue reading “The queen of diamonds: Varuna D Jani”

Long Weekend Alert: 8 Fun Activities in Mumbai And Pune

By Brooklyn Morgan for Unsplash
By Brooklyn Morgan for Unsplash

Your weekend has just gotten longer thanks to the two public holidays – Independence Day and Janmashtami. You can expect the city to be a tad less crowded since everyone will be taking off on a mini vacation. If you haven’t had the time to plan, worry not. There’s a destination for all kinds of travellers – from the luxury wine-sipper and spa junkie, to adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. There are even ideas for those of us who plan to stay back in Mumbai and enjoy the peace and quiet we don’t usually experience in the city.

Click here to read about these fun activities in a piece that I had written for a lovely little website called Polka Cafe. Have a fantastic weekend ahead!

Tea like it should be

Lapsang Souchong tea at Tea Trails

Some like it hot, others cold; many countries relish it as a sweet, milky brew and still others, prefer a simple douse of hot water. Tea is as deeply rooted in Indian culture as much as it is in China, Japan and England. Just a cup of this drink is the norm to kick-start the day. Many see it as the perfect antidote to dreaded afternoon slumps. And for the rest, it pairs well with conversation at just about any time of the day. There really isn’t much that can be compared to the uplifting power of a hot cup of tea.

While coffee houses are still mushrooming across Mumbai, tea-centric cafes are only just catching up, which is surprising, given that India is one of the world’s largest producers and consumers of tea. I guess it was only a matter of time that the humble cup of tea—enjoyed at home and at street-side stalls alike—seeped into the city’s mainstream culture. Tea Trails in Mumbai’s business district of Bandra Kurla Complex, seems to be making up for all the lost time by serving this aromatic beverage in more than 40 different varieties. It’s the second outlet (the first one’s in Thane’s Viviana Mall), with many more slated to open across the city very soon.

I recently visited Tea Trails on a particularly tepid summer afternoon. A cheery air pervaded the cool confines of this sunlit lounge, partly due to its bright melon chairs, posters of tea-related stuff, strings of Mason jars and just a touch of the whimsical in the form of a giant teacup. And if this doesn’t make you smile, the friendly teastas (attendants at Tea Trails) will ensure that you do.

The tea list has lesser-known variants like Lapsang Souchong and Tisanes along with popular ones like Jasmine Green Tea and Oolong. Since my days are generally filled with endless cups of green tea, I skipped the tried-and-tested varieties in favour of the Lapsang Souchong— a Chinese black tea from the lounge’s International range of teas.

One of the more interesting aspects of Tea Trails is that its co-owners, Kavita and Uday Mathur and Ganesh Vishwanathan, have made sure that all teas served here are steeped right. Your tea will arrive in a glass infuser with a sandglass timer along with a note with the tea’s optimum brewing time and health benefits. I also love the fact that Tea Trails is a teabag-less zone! Only tea leaves here. And, each tea is served with cheese straws and palmiers.

My Lapsang Souchong tea (pictured above) had a smokey aroma and flavour. Plus, I didn’t feel the need to add any sugar, which was a first for me, given that it was a black tea. A snack of a Smoked Chicken Sandwich paired well with this tea. Tea Trails is definitely doing well on the food front, unlike most of the coffee chains that serve terribly stale and insipid snacks. Image

I also sampled the Burmese Salad (pictured above)—a crunchy mix of cabbage, lettuce and nuts doused with a tangy vinaigrette and sprinkled with fermented tea leaves. Next up were some tea-infused cookies, which didn’t really carry a strong taste of tea. Still, they weren’t too sweet at the same time. Kavita Mathur explained that the food infused with tea leaves is not meant to have a strong taste of tea. After trying the salad and the cookies, I felt that the tea leaves served to balance the sour element and the sugary sweetness of the salad and cookies, respectively.

Most of the dishes on the lunch and breakfast menu are served with complimentary tea. Of course, if you visit at any time of the day, you can indulge in comfort food from India and across the world ranging from Bun Maska and Pakodas, to scones and pound cake.

Or, if you make it in time for breakfast ( 9 am – 11 am), you’ll get to try out the famed tea-marbled eggs. Other basic breakfast items include Poha and Upma, which are bound to be a hit with office-goers in vicinity.

But if you are only here to sample and learn about new tea variants, opt for the Tea Explorer, which offers a choice of four tasting-sized teas (you can choose from White, Oolong, International, Green and Tisane), served with cookies, palmiers and cheese straws.

A good old cup of chai comes in two flavours—Masala and Adhrak; both are brewed using freshly pounded spices and herbs. While caffeine-intolerant folks can opt for the caffeine-free Tisanes in flavours like Himalayan Spice, Turkish Red Apple and Mixed Berry, the caffein addict can get his or her dose in a brilliantly brewed cup of South Indian filter kaapi.

`ImageSome of the cold teas on the list include Lemon and Mint Iced Tea, Tea Frappe and the exotic Pinacolada Iced Tea. But we suggest you sample their Taiwanese Bubble Tea (pictured above; image courtesy: Tea Trails). Available in lychee (left) as well as mango flavour, the bubble tea makes for a refreshing drink with a surprise element—fruity liquid spheres that explode in your mouth. Thankfully, Tea Trails doesn’t throw in Tapioca balls, which are not exactly fun to chew on unless you’re a teething toddler!

With the amount of seriousness given to the good old cup of tea and the rather reasonable price tags, we think Tea Trails is just what the city needs and it couldn’t have come at a better time! Imagine this: Sitting at one of the window-side tables, with a book in hand and a steaming cup of tea, while the rain pours down outside. Yes, we can’t wait to return very soon!