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Cinema’s Good Guy

One of the greatest stars of the classic Hollywood era, Gregory Peck effortlessly blurred the lines between real and reel. More than a decade after his death, he still fails to disappoint. In fact, he’s everything that the world needs today. (Click on the image below to read the piece in full)

This piece was originally published in the June 2015 edition of Signé

Real men cry: One man’s mission to redefine the term masculinity

An award-winning spoken word poet, poetry slam champion, speak and writer, Carlos Andrés Gómez also starred in Spike Lee's Inside Man
An award-winning spoken word poet, poetry slam champion, speak and writer, Carlos Andrés Gómez also starred in Spike Lee’s Inside Man
I had the pleasure of interviewing spoken word artist Carlos Andrés Gómez at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in October this year. Like most young boys, he was taught that a man needs to put up a fight and must never shed a tear. I wondered if all this talk of softening up a man’s hardened shell was bound to draw a heckler or two.

Gómez concurred, saying, “Sometimes, things get uncomfortable during my performances. It’s alright if people disagree with me, but it’s important that they hear me out and understand what I’m saying in the right context. We’re definitely going to need more such moments when two opinions collide because we can never have change if one opinion dominates. It’s going to take many an exchange, both of the courageous and uncomfortable kind.”

His is a story worth reading, so if you’d like to give the interview a proper read, head over to The Label by Louis Philippe. You’ll also find an excellent video link there that has Carlos talking about his very own ‘Man Up Moment’.

Here’s a link to the interview: http://thelabel.in/lifestyle/people/real-men-cry

Beer necessities—How to drink your beer right

Discover the finer points to getting the most out of your beer drinking experience

Beer is an easy drink. Perfect for a summer day or night—or just about any time of the year for many—this frothy beverage produces an alcoholic high that’s not too hard on the senses. As relaxed as that might sound, the entire process of drinking beer—storing the drink, choosing the right glass and pouring it—is more complex than you imagined it to be. Here’s what you need to know if you want to better enjoy that beer you plan to drink this evening. Head over to The Label to read the entire article. 

This piece was first published on The Label, a lifestyle magazine by Louise Philippe. Like their Facebook page if you want to get regular updates on the coolest stuff for men including fashion, gadgets, food, drinks and more. 


A man’s guide to the quintessential man cave

manspaceSo you’ve started to cringe looking at your creaky single bed and study table that’s been around since your college days. Add to that your room’s stale yellow walls pasted with near-ripped beer signs, and you have the world’s most uninviting room.

Now might be time to man up your space. Not just for yourself, of course. While your buddies never seemed to have had any qualms with your lousy lair, they’ll be mighty pleased to have a sleek new space for a beer-pizza-game kind of night. Plus, your decked-up den will be anything but women-repellent.

Head over to Polka Cafe  to get started with the most important room of your home.