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The Return of the Crackberry?

Not long ago, BlackBerry smartphones were all the rage. Commonly referred to as a ‘CrackBerry’, roughly in the mid-2000s, the BlackBerry might well be the reason for that incurable smartphone addiction we all suffer from these days. In retrospect, it didn’t pack a punch when it came to such apps as Instagram. But we loved it, only because we didn’t know better! We couldn’t quite avoid getting in on the thumb-input craze. And just like that we became habituated to the incessant need to check emails, even on a Sunday.  It has been a few years since the considerable plunge of the Canadian smartphone maker’s market share. Yet, it cannot be denied that BlackBerry loyalists still do exist everywhere in the world. The popularity of its newest launch—the Z3—is fast proving that no one’s really suffering from a BlackBerry hangover. In fact, it continues to be a lifeline for many.   Itching to know more about the features of the Z3? Click here to read the full review, which was published on The Label a few days ago. The Label has fast become the go-to space for men with its cool articles on grooming, gadgets, gastronomy, travel, fashion, cars and bikes. And don’t forget to check out The Label’s Facebook page—there’s tons of cool stuff uploaded by the hour. 

A touch of luxury

01_Lifestyle_Design_Story_RGB_High ResWhat’s it like to use a phone that’s as expensive as an exceptionally good car? What good would such an exorbitant gadget do over a good enough smartphone? These are just some of the questions you might find yourself pondering over should you decide to buy, or more aptly, invest in, the Vertu Signature Touch. Here are some reasons to own this luxury handset.

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