An office within an office


An office—shaped like a cave or even a weaverbird’s nest—within an office is just the kind of space we’d all love to experience. I recently came across this trend while doing some research for an article that I was working on and I think it’s rather exciting given that offices are fast adapting to become more employee-friendly. Such temporary or permanent hubs within offices are bound to be nice and productive, besides being conducive to the process of ideating and brainstorming.

Baya Park, a sales company in Mumbai, recently hired the well-known Mumbai architecture firm Planet 3 Studios to install a wooden pod that resembles the woven structure of a bird’s nest. Perfect for meetings, the design of this pod was influenced by the Baya weaverbird, after which the company was named.

While this has much more of an organic form, the Paper Cave installation in a Japanese office is all about fluid curves and a surreal ambience. Now that’s one conference room I’d love to sit in!

Images:  Issei Mori/ Mitsuru Narihara; courtesy the architects
Images: Issei Mori/ Mitsuru Narihara; courtesy the architects

If you want to read more about this ‘otherworldly’ office, you can head over to India Art n Design, a website on which my piece on this cool cavernous space within an office was featured.

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