A man’s guide to the quintessential man cave


manspaceSo you’ve started to cringe looking at your creaky single bed and study table that’s been around since your college days. Add to that your room’s stale yellow walls pasted with near-ripped beer signs, and you have the world’s most uninviting room.

Now might be time to man up your space. Not just for yourself, of course. While your buddies never seemed to have had any qualms with your lousy lair, they’ll be mighty pleased to have a sleek new space for a beer-pizza-game kind of night. Plus, your decked-up den will be anything but women-repellent.

Head over to Polka Cafe  to get started with the most important room of your home.

3 comments on “A man’s guide to the quintessential man cave”

    1. Hi Marlyn, thanks for taking the time out to read my blog!

      Yes, with a room that’s a tad cleaner and more organised, a man’s ‘man cave’ will be anything but repulsive to the other sex, mums and sisters included. Because you know how we are sticklers for organisation and neatness 😉


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